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A custom text editor and working environment, designed by Miva developers for Miva developers. Our goal is an easy-to-use editor that will allow you to quickly and accurately create Miva and HTML applications, and to test them continually with one-click viewing in an integrated browser.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with MvTools:

  • Work with up to 24 open files in a fully functional editor.
  • Generate fully formed Miva and HTML tags with a single click.
  • Run your programs in MvTools internal editor, or in the external browser of your choice, just by clicking on a toolbar button.
  • Have Miva Mia automatically load as needed to run your programs.
  • Get one-click access to the Miva Reference, either in a dedicated browser window, or in the external browser you choose. It's always just a click away.
  • Create your own code templates for complex Miva and html tags, so that you can write them into your files with a mouse click.
  • Save your desktop when MvTools closes, so your files are reopened just as they were when the program is restarted.
  • Start MvTools by clicking on any Miva file icon or shortcut, anywhere on your computer. The program will open normally, with the file you selected open and ready for work.
  • Automatically maintain backup copies of your files, and replace the current version with the backup just by choosing menu option to "Reload."
  • Keep secondary and persistent backups that remain intact no matter how often you save a file. If you've ever made complicated changes to a file, saved them to disk a couple of times, then wished you could get rid of the changes and recover the file the way it was when you first opened it, you can relax. Just choose the menu option to Restore, and it's done.
  • Never look up an ascii code again, or grope around for a way to write symbols like ± or £ or ¥ into your text.
  • Plan to make an ordered list with ten items? Click once in the Code Maker, type '10', and you're done. (Yes, you'll still have to do a little typing....)
  • Have your Miva and html tags automatically wrap selected text in your files.
  • Generate tables with a specified number of rows, or table rows with a specified number of cells, just by clicking in the Code Maker.
  • Forget about trying to remember what are the available attributes of Miva and html tags. They're all there in the Code Maker's tag dialogs. And MvTools will even warn you if you try to enter an invalid value for many of those attributes.
  • Do you sometimes neglect to include required end tags for your MvIFs or MvWHILES? With MvTOOLS, you can just neglect to include them it. The program will always do it for you.

It's yours for the asking!

MvTools is free. You may download it now. You may also check out some screen shots of MvTools in action.

Helper development tools

As part of our efforts to build a powerful, useful editor we have included tool or helper scripts that are single click accessible. The current version contains two examples of this and we will be adding more. This is a dynamic project and our users play an important role in the development process. These helper scripts could be any Miva/html programs that would automate tasks that developers might routinely want to perform as part of their work. So if you have an idea that you would like to have become a part of MvTools, please contact us..

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MvLink is a program that will allow you to click on icons or shortcuts to your Miva files, and have them in the browser of your choice. MvLink will start Miva Mia as needed, and can also run Miva scripts from any location on your computer, even if they are not in Miva Mia's current document path. Like MvTools, MvLink is free. You can see a more detailed description of the program and download it now.


Miva Corporation maintains a list of web hosts that feature Miva as part of their web hosting package. You can access this list by going here and selecting either the Premier Hosting or Standard Hosting links. Our own choice of hosts, IDesigns, is featured in a banner below.

Contact Information

Please submit all comments, and bug reports to the MvTools Email List. Requests for new features in the MvTools software may be posted on the Wish List.

All other matters should be addressed to information@papercitysoftware.com



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