Marketing is the action or business of exchange, promoting, and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Everything that exists has its origin and history; thus, the traditional aspect and the digital aspect of everything that has evolved, which is swift and easy to use. This creates an awareness of the existence of the traditional and digital marketing firms that are both still existing and functioning the difference being their workability in each area and speed of service provision. Let’sLet’s check on the time-honored marketing firms, commonly known as traditional marketing firms.

Traditional marketing is one of the conventional marketing that was used before the internet era became prevalent. This method of marketing form is best known to many because most people around the world have used and enjoyed this method.

Strategies of traditional marketing.

 The following are some of the traditional marketing strategies used in traditional marketing firms:

·        Marketing in a public place- This the most known traditional marketing strategy and commonly used; this is done by the use of posters, leaflets, banners, business cards, among many other public marketing tools. Everything is a marketing tool as long as the design and other elements are right.

·        Radio and television marketing- Since the innovation of the radio and television, they have always accompanied our lives, and often these communication media add color to our life. Despite the availability of the transition of the era to the digital age, humans still hold steady on the radio and television. This, therefore, creates a great and better strategy to market your business since it has an assurance of reaching a large number of listeners and viewers in a relatively short time. However, this strategy needs more creativity since the ads must be very attractive to listen to or watch.

·        Direct marketing- This strategy is commonly known to be dead, but it’sits still effective and producing results for sales. The strategy works by promoting your business directly from house to house by the distribution of catalogs, brochures, and other promotional materials. This method eventually turns to work effectively for promotions. However, when using this method, don’tdon’t forget to provide information that is effective, necessary, and most useful.

Advantages of traditional marketing

The following are some of the benefits that traditional marketing firms encounter:

·        Reach local target audience easily- The use of FM radio and local newspapers can easily target the potential customers in a particular location or area. Moreover, flyers in the mail also enhance targeting the specific suburbs or areas.

·        Save hard copies- The targeted audience can keep the hard copies of the advertising materials like magazine ads, which they will read repeatedly. 

·        Easy to understand- Anyone who can access the internet can be reached through this approach, and most people have shown to understand it easier as they have been used to it for some time.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing

·        Difficult to measure Return on Investment- It’sIt’s hard to see how successful or not your marketing was as there are no numbers to measure.

·      It is expensive- Most adverts on TV or radio are just for few seconds due to the expenses required, similarly advertising in the newspaper, radio, and TV can be very expensive compared to the other marketing forms.

·        less engaging- This form is more passive, and the actual engagement is very little. It consists of providing the targeted customers the information and trust that they will purchase.

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